The Salesforce ecosystem is full of great partners who bring to the table solutions that really enhance the functionality of As implementation partners for Salesforce our team is always on the lookout for solutions that add value to our clients and there are several solutions that consistently get used to meet a need. One of those solutions is the Conga Composer suite of products (Composer, Conductor, Workflow, and Mail Merge).


That’s why our team was so excited when Conga announced that at Dreamforce 2016, for the first time ever, Conga would be certifying people on the use of their product. Naturally several of us jumped at the chance.

Having now taken the certification exam (and passing!) I can share my experience. The process started with reaching out to the Conga Partner Team to set up a time to take the exam so I scheduled a 1.5 hour time slot during Dreamforce. Prior to the exam there were some pre-requisite actions (setting up a fresh developer org and a fresh install of Conga). Then I showed up at the Conga booth at my appointed time. After some brief instructions, we dove into the certification test. Since this is a certification I won’t reveal anything about the contents of the exam but I will share these thoughts:

  •  I consider myself fairly well versed in what Conga can do. That being said the exam still had some challenging items. It would be good to freshen up your Conga skills prior to taking the exam. In my past experience, the majority of Conga use cases seem to be Word and PDF templates but as a hint be sure you are comfortable with what Conga can do beyond the basic merge into Word/PDF functionality.
  • I worked fairly quickly and the exam still took me about 3 hours so be prepared to spend some time on it.
  •  In terms of what to expect from the exam, this bit of information is straight from their marketing email to me so I think it is okay to share: “Then, you’ll follow a prompt to create a template, enhance an existing template, and troubleshoot a malfunctioning template. Each is a simulation of common use cases and customer challenges.” I can confidently say the exam requires you to do exactly the 3 things they say you will have to do so be prepared to dive into solutions you didn’t build.
  • After completing the exam the next step was to provide a way for Conga to access the org that I used and they reviewed the items that I built. A few days later I was notified that I passed!

The experience was a really positive one. The Conga team has done a great job with this especially considering that this was a brand new program for them. We look forward to continue working with Conga and other partners in the Salesforce ecosystem to bring our clients the best most cost-effective solutions.