Managed Services

Salesforce is a solution designed for evolution, driven by constant innovation in the cloud--and on the ground. 

With the right enhancements at the right time, the platform can seamlessly scale and adapt to meet the changing needs of diverse organizations.

The typical dilemma faced by most companies is whether to hire full-time specialists or engage consultants on a project basis. Both of these paths can quickly increase the total cost of ownership as well as the risk of lost continuity due to attrition, low solution utilization or other factors.


What makes eightCloud’s Managed Services model different?

Unlike traditional outsourcing operations, we offer a flexible monthly subscription plan tailored to your specific needs to achieve optimal utilization and deliver the greatest benefit. Our unique approach is to work closely with each client to create a long-term plan and implement it incrementally.

High-Touch Service

eightCloud believes in a high-touch model for delivering managed services. We assign two named eightCloud team members to manage the entire Salesforce ecosystem. These primary contact points are supported by a well-aligned team with multiple specialized skill sets focused on daily operations, business analysis, development support and corporate alignment.

Rather than employ ticket-based routing systems, offshore consultants and novice technicians, eightCloud provides a Salesforce Analyst and an Engagement Lead with a vast knowledge of Salesforce, people who can help shape a vision and execute with precision. We leverage this approach to consistently:

  • Maximize adoption, utilization and adherence to governance strategies
  • Avoid data integrity issues or re-implementation
  • Minimize the need for re-training due to attrition
  • Lower costs related to administration and enhancement
  • Reduce risk through comprehensive health checks
Comprehensive Health Check, Risk Profile and Corporate Road Map

Completed within four to six weeks at the beginning of the relationship, this is a thorough assessment and planning process during which we collect system data, conduct stakeholder interviews, perform analysis and report on data quality, security, workflows, integrations and more.


Straightforward Case Management, Reporting and Communication

Transparency and accessibility are essential to building and maintaining long-term relationships of trust. We start by setting a communication style that works best for you, which may include phone, chat, web conference and site visits as required. Then, we ensure continuing progress with our proven Case Management Process:


Level 8 Framework

With our proprietary Level 8 Framework, we have developed a roadmap for sustainable, integrated growth from launch through integration and optimization of Business Processes, Data Management, Governance and more, with the goal of achieving Strategic Enterprise Alignment.


Our Commercial Customers

In partnership with these and several other great companies, we applied our dedicated expertise to translate their unique goals and requirements into a sustainable solution that helps them get the most out of their Salesforce platform. We can do the same for you.


Our Government Customers

We have worked closely with each the following government organizations to provide tailored solutions that help them achieve their objectives on the Salesforce platform. 

Alameda Costa County Transit
City of Renton
Seattle Police