One of the biggest obstacles to a more connected government has always been outdated technology.

Expensive and cumbersome custom systems have stood in the way of progress. Through Salesforce innovation, we have helped diverse government agencies transform themselves into the responsive, collaborative, service-driven organizations that citizens and employees want and need them to be.

eightCloud provides law enforcement, licensing, housing authorities, finance commissions and other public service operations with the vision and confidence to embrace the power of the Cloud and create secure, efficient and highly accessible services.

Transparent, Agile Methodology.

We know that our clients are accountable to many stakeholders when delivering a new technology solution. This is especially true in the public sector, which is why our process is uniquely open and iterative, with abundant communication and trusted advice to drive informed, fiscally responsible decisions.

It is crucial that we uncover all relevant use cases and recommend appropriate options to meet specific requirements. eightCloud’s experience in the public sector enables us to quickly and accurately identify opportunities for improvement. We apply an intimate understanding of complex government processes to implement client-specific best practices for regulatory compliance, security and data integrity.

Long-term Planning and Support.

Government agencies must play the long game when it comes to ongoing administration of complex programs. eightCloud takes the same approach to the implementation and administration of our public clients’ Salesforce environments. Everything we do is geared around the long-term maintenance and sustainability of the solution.

A commitment to being a trusted partner is what fuels our one-of-a-kind Managed Services model. We know it’s rarely feasible to hire one or two full-time experts to manage and upgrade systems, so our goal is to help you achieve a level of self-sufficiency with administration, while remaining engaged at the tier 2 and 3 levels for support and upgrades, making sure you get the results you expect.

Data Security and Regulatory Compliance.

Thanks in large part to the leadership of Salesforce in advancing cloud-based security, forward-thinking organizations have come to the realization that the cloud actually offers a more resilient and cost-efficient security stature than most on-premise infrastructures.

We apply best practices on a client-by-client basis, leveraging our government experience to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, implement security models and manage data integrity.

Procurement Contracts

eightCloud has the following procurement contracts:

  • CA CMAS Contract Number: 3-17-70-3412A
  • CA MSA Contract Number: 5167010-052 – Tier 1
  • OH Multi-Award RFP 0A1194 – Supplement 2
  • WA Master Contract 06213 Reseller

To learn more about our approach and the government clients we have guided through a successful transition to Salesforce and beyond, contact eightCloud.

Our Commercial Customers

In partnership with these and several other great companies, we applied our dedicated expertise to translate their unique goals and requirements into a sustainable solution that helps them get the most out of their Salesforce platform. We can do the same for you.


Our Government Customers

We have worked closely with each the following government organizations to provide tailored solutions that help them achieve their objectives on the Salesforce platform. 

Alameda Costa County Transit
City of Renton
Seattle Police