Brian McPherson Testimonial

Client Testimonial: Brian McPherson,

Our company has been using eightCloud for almost two years, and they have been key to us recovering from a very shakey initial implementation with a different company. Eric doesn't just consult with us for Salesforce, he goes beyond by learning about our company functions and processes so that he can put together options that will provide the best solution/practice for the situation. He is alwasy very responsive to our requests and often provides feedback and answers with minutes of my submitting a case. What I find most valuable about eightCloud, is that they are open to sharing the complete solution and how it is configured so that there is no mystery around what has been done. I've worked with other consulting companies that make everything appear to be "magic" with no training around the work, which creates dependency. eightCloud openly shares the knowledge which has helped me significantly grow with SFDC.