Harmony Jones Testimonial

Client Testimonial: Harmony Jones,

We reached out to eightCloud because we were looking for a partner to help with some pain points we were having with our Salesforce instance. I was very impressed with the consultants that were assigned to our organization - they got down to the real pain of our organization and guided us through a vision of what our Salesforce platform could do for our company as a whole. We were then able to, with the help of eightCloud, prioritize our most major pain points and get started improving our Salesforce instance right away. 

We just finished our first steps with eightCloud focused on improving our sales pipeline process and governance. Working with the eightCloud team was very pleasant and everyone we worked with was courteous, knowledgeable, and experienced - they were very easy to talk to, even for our team members that have little or no experience with Salesforce. We are excited to continue our journey transforming our Salesforce instance from junk data collector to a company-wide collaboration tool with eightCloud as our solution partner.