Vicki Rollins Testimonial

Client Testimonial: Vicki Rollins,

We have been a client of eightCloud now since February of 2012 and have been extremely pleased with the level of service and responsiveness we have received from them. This was a much better solution for us because we did not require a full time SFDC administrator, but were having trouble sourcing and recruiting someone who could be an SFDC system admin but also meet our needs as a sales & marketing analyst. Problem solved - we outsource the SFDC system admin to them and were able to hire a full time analyst to meet our business needs.  They go above and beyond simple configuration to being a trusted advisor and consultant in helping us maximize our SFDC application. They have assisted us with everything from a complete role/hierarchy/profile review and cleanup, mass data cleanup, implementation of libraries/content and now forecasting, along with everyday requests. They do not shy away from pointing out where we could better leverage vanilla SFDC and where it might make sense to customize. We value their opinion and trust them with our application. They are professional and quick to respond to our needs. We would highly recommend them.